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Keep That Brine!

I polished off a jar of Top Shelf Preserves' pickled beans the other day in record time. About fifteen minutes after unscrewing the lid, I found myself staring at a jar of brine. I couldn't bring myself to pour it out or to do what I would usually do: relegate it to the back of the fridge because I didn't know what else to do with it - only that it wouldn't go bad. I immediately got in touch with Sara from TSP certain that she'd have some ideas. Here are a few of her suggestions along with others from around the internet. 

-Hardboil and peel some eggs, put them in brine and let them sit in the fridge for a few days. They're "lazy pickled eggs" and they're wonderful. 

-Potato Salad - when your potatoes have just finished boiling, toss them with the pickle brine. They'll absorb all of the delicious flavour. 

-Add the brine to a Bloody Caesar, Dirty Dill Martini or make a Pickleback Shot (remember pickleback shots??)

-Add it to tuna fish salad dressing along with lemon juice and use less mayo





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