Welcome to Goods! - goods

Welcome to Goods!

You made it! Thanks for visiting and for reading my first post for the Goods blog.  I'm Jess, I run Goods - with a lot of help.


Pictured above are myself and a few rad and supportive women at the Victoire 7 year anniversary party. Katie and Regine {in the matching dresses} own and operate Victoire together, and they're the ones who guided me through the first stages of getting started. It's so intimidating and I'm really fortunate to have had the kind of help that I did (and still do!). In fact, I'd been daydreaming about starting a homegoods store for years before Katie came up with the brilliant idea of opening a little "store" inside their Boutique, Such a palatable way to get started and who knows if I would have ever done it otherwise. To the right of Katie and Regine is Izzy, a graphic designer and all around extraordinary human being. To the right of Izzy is me, obviously stoked and also squinting because where were my glass??


Other notable contributors to this biz have been my husband Chris and my neighbours and excellent photographers Regreta Brown and Elliot Strikefoot

Thanks again for visiting, I'll leave you with this


{by Regreta Brown, via her website)

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