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New in Shop: for Lovers of the Sea (and soft skin!)

Oooooh, we're so pleased with these products from Swedish Dreams! I've seen them all over the internet, but took a chance and ordered some for the store (guilty, just fell for the super sweet packaging) and they seriously lived up to the hype. Yesterday evening we got a package containing everything below


The Seaweed soap removes impurities and moisturizes skin with active marine algae and the Sea Salt is rich with naturally derived sea salt which softens skin. 

Along with the soaps we got the Sea Salt hand cream and hand poured Soy Candle (perfect for bringing the smell of the sea into your home!)

Now, let me tell you about the Cedar Soap: It's real sexy. That is... if you're easily seduced by rugged, woodsy smells - which apparently we at goods are.  

It's all available online or in store and from now until December 20th we're offering Free "White Glove" Delivery on all orders over $50 within Ottawa!


xo goods

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