The Goods: Natural Leather, Bitters and Coasters. - goods

The Goods: Natural Leather, Bitters and Coasters.

We have a steady stream of new items coming into the shop every week and usually by the time Thursday rolls around we have lots of new stock to talk about. Here, every Thursday, we'll be telling you about the new and restocked goods we've gotten and what we love about them.

First up: Natural Leather

Natural Leather is getting really popular these days, and with good cause. In its natural state, leather develops a honey brown colour from exposure to the sun and picks up a little bit of colour and wear from everything it touches giving it a one-of-a-kind patina. The beauty of natural leather is that it ages with you, that's why we love it. The photo above is of the Standard Issue Belt by Wilboro in Natural Leather. It's based on his grandfather's WW2 issued belt, which Will still has. The belt is made to last for generations and in the natural leather you'll have a piece with history you can see and feel. 

Second: Bitters

We've had Dillons Small Batch Distillery bitters in the shop for a while now, but we never seem to be able to keep them in stock. Today we got a shipment of Orange, Rhubarb, Lime and Ginger Bitters - four of the most hardworking, versatile bitters we carry. 

Third: Coasters.


We've been waiting so patiently for these to arrive, and they're even better than we expected! Each individual coaster has a map of an Ottawa neighbourhood on one side and on the other, the name and date of establishment of the neighbourhood. They're made of red cedar, which happens to be an incredible smelling wood. N-Product nailed it again.

Looking forward to bringing you more goods,


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