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The Tops for Pops.

With a week left until Father's Day, we've rounded up all our favourite things in the shop for the Old Man.

Shaving soap, aftershave and natural soap by Andy's Shave, Dapper Beard Oil, Swedish Dreams Sea Salt Soap, Cedar Soap and Olo Fragrances

Consumables are always a hit for Father's Day. Top Shelf Preserves, Michael's Dolce and Really Horrible's Maple Syrups are delicious treats and Dillon's, Royal Rose and Jack's Tonique are perfect for the Pa who loves cocktails!

Desk Caddies by Na Coille Studios, made in Ottawa with reclaimed wood. 

Leather Goods by Wilboro, made in Ottawa using high quality leather and brass sourced from the U.S. Pictured: Leather Passport Holder, Standard Issue Leather Belt, Leather Beer Caddy, and leather keychains.

And for the amateur (or professional really) chef and baker, we have new Gather Journal Magazines, French Rolling Pins and Cutting Boards

Happy Fathers Day (shopping)


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