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What is Beard Oil? How does it work?

Beard Oil is a product that's both aesthetically pleasing and functional; it moisturizes and maintains the health of your beard and it smells real handsome. We recently started carrying Ottawa's favourite beard oil brand Dapper Beard Oil. The smell alone was enough to bring it into the shop, plus founder Andrew Rashotte has a majestic beard that speaks volumes about the effectiveness (healthy, a little shiny, no strays). We've sold out of the oil a few times over and I'm sure most people already know what it is and how it works, but for those who don't, here's a little info on the hows and whys of oiling your facial hair.

For your viewing pleasure, we've added photos of some of our favourite beards between facts. Enjoy!

Beard Oil Moisturizes hair AND the skin underneath. 

Dapper Beard Oils are made with all natural ingredients that are excellent for hair and skin. Argan Oil is particularly good for both and even acts as a styling agent. Dapper will style and and repair broken hair, moisturize the skin underneath (which tends to get forgotten under all the hair), prevent dandruff, stimulate growth, add a subtle sheen and help control gnarly fly-aways. 

How to use Beard Oil.

Drop about a penny size in your hand and distribute it on all your fingers. Massage the oil onto the skin beneath your beard. This will start the hydrating where it needs it most - at the roots. Work the remaining oil into your moustache and beard. The best time to comb your beard is right after applying the oil.

Beard Oil is best applied after washing your face.

Add a few drops of Gold Tusk or Black tusk to your facial hair after washing or cleansing your face in the morning. A few drops may not sound like much, but when it comes to oil on your face its safe to assume less is more. When you work it through your beard and mustache, the hydration goes straight to the follicle, just like conditioner does when you wash your hair. Your hair follicles are most open in the morning and your skin and hair will absorb the oil better then. Cleansing and moisturizing is really important in the climate we live in, especially when its cold and dry in the winter. 



How often should it be used?

You don't need much, so a bottle should last a while. We recommend trying a few drops every morning and adjusting your routine as needed. Most men use it once every day - once every three days. How often you use it may depend on the climate and other factors such as your natural oils, the cleanser you use, water hardness and the dryness of you home. 

 Happy Grooming.



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