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Why everyone should have a turkish towel.

Call them what you want, Peshtemals, Hammams, Fouta Towels or simply "Turkish Towels"... by now, most people have at least heard of the wildly popular style, but not everyone knows what makes them so wonderful and versatile. 

Turkish Cotton differs from regular cotton in that it has extra long fibres - meaning fewer joins, and resulting in stronger and smoother cotton threads. They're characteristically softer and more absorbent than regular terry cloth towels and get even softer and more absorbent over time. Because of the fine fibres, they're considerably thinner than regular bath towels too and they dry MUCH faster. They're also the ideal towel to travel with, because they fold up really small and can double as a wrap for going out or a blanket on the plane!

At Goods we carry PLAJ premium turkish towels. Made from either a combination of 80% turkish cotton and 20% bamboo or 100% turkish cotton, depending on the style. 




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