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The Wild Unknown

Kim Krans is the beautiful mind behind The Wild Unknown.

"When I was fifteen I met my first true drawing teacher. An old-school disciplinarian, she taught me to study line and shape, to draw from observation, and to integrate energy into visual form. More importantly, she awakened me to the idea of the inner dimension and the mystery within. I studied with her every day for three years.

Following that I lived in New York City for thirteen years, studying art at Cooper Union, Hunter College, showing in galleries, playing in bands, and from an outside perspective - living the dream. Yet there was an unfulfilled part of me, a light that was beginning to dim as I looked for everything external to brighten me.

At that juncture I found yet another life-changing teacher, this time in yoga. And it was also around that time that The Wild Unknown began to emerge. I started drawing children's books, meditating, practicing daily self-reflection, and eventually this led me to draw The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck. Looking back, its been a true journey of transformation, and I am blessed that my amazing husband has taken the ride with me, helping to build this company from the ground up. We now live in California, where I teach yoga, make drawings, and try to visit the ocean as much as possible.

May you always be on the inner quest.
You are The Wild Unknown.

Kim Krans"

Hear Kim talk more about all things wild and unknown in this video interview.