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Beluga Print

Soul Curry

The Beluga Whale, folk style, patterned, graphic illustrated Nordic style art print.
Belugas are one of the most recognizable and popular whales because of their white skin color and ‘smiling’ upturned mouth. They are extremely sociable mammals that live, hunt, and migrate together in pods. Belugas live primarily in areas with Arctic sea ice, with about two-thirds of the world population summering in Canadian waters. It is one of the most loved and recognized marine mammals along the East coast of Canada.

Blending my love for Canadian marine mammals with black and white Nordic style folk illustration, this Beluga art print is dramatic yet ornate. The blue tones of the water recall the cold waters of the Arctic Sea allowing the white illustrated patterns to stand out. The whimsical illustrated lines add to the shape of the beluga. Bohemian yet modern and fun, This art print adds a natural marine vibe to your home decor or gallery wall.

  • 8x11"
  • designed and made in Montreal, PQ.
  • Materials: premium fade resistant inks, recycled thick cardstock, matte print

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