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Dillon's DSB Bitters


Dillon's Small Batch Distillery's DSB bitters are hard working and versatile. With an aroma of sour cherries, overtones of vanilla, cloves, allspice, and cassia these bitters provide a complexity of flavours and scents. It goes well with whiskey cocktails and in baked goods.

The details:

  • Alc./Vol.: 50%
  • Volume: 100ml
  • Base: local Niagara wine grape
  • Finishing: botanicals & local fruit
  • Distillers Note:  Notes of vanilla, sour cherry, orange, cloves and cassia. Fantastic in whisky cocktails or delicious in baked goods.
  • FAQ: What are bitters?

Order three Dillon's Bitters and receive them in one of the Dillon's three pack boxes, makes a great gift!

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