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Sloane Loose Leaf Sachets

sloane tea

Savour an exceptional cup of loose leaf tea with the convenience of a sachet. Sloane Tea Company is delighted to offer these luxuriously crafted sachets, perfectly suited for all types of tea. Sloane Sachets are extremely smooth to the touch, simple to use, and allow for optimal extraction of the tea liquor.

The Sloane Sachets may be filled with a single serving of tea, or filled with enough tea to prepare an entire pot. The sachet conveniently expands upon being immersion in hot water to allow for sufficient space for the leaves to unfurl and properly steep, leaving behind a beautifully extracted tea liquor.

For teas that take well to multiple infusions, pour water over the sachet after the original steeping so as to enjoy multiple cups of our exceptional teas.

This set contains 25 sachets.

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