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Yo Tiger It's your Birthday Card

Red Cap Cards

Illustration by Dinara Mirtalipova.

the details:

  • printed on 60% tree free recycled paper with soy inks
  • 4.25"x 5.5"

      Dinara Mirtalipova renders charming illustrations and distinct folky patterns that are woven top-to-bottom with flowery, light as a feather linework, cosy creatures and stunning hand lettering. Inspired by nature and folktales, her sweet storybook characters for children and the young at heart are tender yet spunky, and very loveable. Whether it’s a bouquet of flowers or a gypsy parade, Dinara’s eye for color, pattern, and detail provides a modern take on old-world charm. Her hand-drawn lettering has an equally expressive quality, with decorative letterforms swooping into cheerful flower-studded compositions that complement her artwork, or stand on their own.

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